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8/16/06 04:46 pm

hannahs cabin was way fun, i hope she had fun, itd be a bummer if she didnt. you know when you have a crush on a really good friend, and either because they dont wanna ruin the friendship, or because they dont like you that way, they dont want to go any further than just friends? yea. sucks, huh? school starts soon, ive got all my classes in, finally, and im moving into the dorms tomorrow. gig this saturday, damn im nervous. thats it. tadaa.

8/8/06 02:57 am

oyvey. went to california, pretty boring, but nice weather and the beach. came back to moscow, then went on a river trip the next day. now im back, and i miss everybody terribly... i would elaborate a little bit, but i wanna go to bed.
hannah, we found the BIGGEST spider in the whole world on the river trip. it could steal your babies, and its legs were the size of tree branches.. relatively. no but it was like as big as my palm. asldkgnalskjdga i almost cried, but then these other huge spiders came out all over the place and started jumping aorund on the beach. it was a very nerve-racking experience.
wrote a few more songs. smoked a few more bongs (not really just looking for something to rhyme.) ok, thats the end of my creative streak. goodnight and goodluck.

7/17/06 11:47 am

just got back from hannahs cabin yesterday, god it was fun. got to go wakeboarding and just strait up relax for forever, no work or troy to worry about, it was grand. im looking foreward to the big gig that like a billion people are playing at (including me :D) (i think) itl be sweet. i miss hannah, i dont think i can have fun like that with very many other people. everybody else just looks down on me like im a tard, except for a few people that ive known for forever. cali soon, my cousins wont be there so itl consist of shopping, tanning, and getting spoiled by the grandma (all fine by me) by the way, eriroo me and you and andrew need to hang out again, for old times sake, haha. maybe get the 2nd battle royal or something, im sure it still has hot japanese people in it. anyways. goodnight and goodluck.

6/21/06 09:50 pm

well, mexico was really fun, dad got the bends from scuba diving, so hes still down there, but hes ok, so its all good. between bargaining with smelly mexicans, getting the runs, seeing sharks and a seahorse, getting drunk off 1 way, way to strong margarita, and, as usually, strumming some nice little tunes on my gei-tar, mexico, other than the bends for padre, was really good. very relaxing. i was gonna go up to hannahs cabin when i got back, but it was the next day, and i was tired, not to mention it felt like hannah just wanted me to come along so nick would come along, because any time i get together with just those 2 and me, its very awkward, and i hate that. so now hannah and nick are both really angry at me, which sorta irks me, because i didnt do anything wrong. but whatever, highschool drama should end in highschool. i cant wait till tomorrow, because all my other friends come back, so i will have something to do. the princess bride is a really fantastic movie, if anybody has never seen it, i hope you will take the time and lack of energy it requires to sit down, turn your cell phone off for everybody elses viewing pleasure, and watch it. i think thats all ive got right now.

5/20/06 04:37 pm

im sitting on hannahs lap. shes really really neat. other than that, yesterday was really cool, thanks to everybody that was there.

5/19/06 11:07 am

im in the library, sitting next to phil wells, who is on a mission to find an island and declare it as his own. so he and emma are working on that through the new online bible: google. im pretty damn happy, my tattoo doesnt hurt very bad any more, its just sorta annoying. i got a 105 out of 120 on my gov final, which kicks ass, i thought she was gonna give me like a 20. the school year is almost done, and im getting more and more carefree, but thats ok, because everything is getting easyer. senior year is cake at the end. i pity juniors though. junior year sucked. so this mission phils on, im not sure if its just because he wants to claim an island, or is on a mission of revolution against the united states. maybe its against china. (phil is actually a chinese spy. hes a little tall (like 8 feet) but other than that, i can read it perfectly. hes a very cliche chinese spy.) now they are on to naming stars. oh... back to islands. buying islands now. thats a pretty sick island hes looking at. i want an island now. now hes looking at the how to get rich easily. one of the tips is to sell your worldly possesions on ebay. or marry a rich person. or get a proffessional degree which leads to a well paying job. seems obvious to me, but i dunno, ones man obviousness is another mans fish. anyway, i think im going on to new and better things, new and beautiful places(looking at islands and stocks with phil). goodbye.

5/17/06 04:15 pm

so i got a tattoo, and I like it alot. however, im getting pissed off at people for being like, thats stupid, your ridiculous for doing that. I have my reasons. my two cousins died from Heroin overdose, and i want something that i will always have to remember the meaning of life, for otehr reasons as well as in rememberance of them. so the next person who asks me why the fuck i got it and that they think its stupid, remember that it is a personal insult to me and my beleifs and my late cousins. so all of you who were cocks about that, fuck off.
otherwise, it was a really great day.

5/8/06 05:49 pm

this is my new song, i think i like it (boy i think they like me i say boy i think they like me)

Broken lullabye
Good to great, your, filled with hate, your, bodys separated from the soul.
Good to go your, good to show your, goods to anybody payin attention
keep on truckin, dreams are for luckin, out on all the glories of the fall
Live it happy, live it strong now, live like livin is the only love you got

It is now my, duty to, show, show what you got
Its now my, life long goal, to keep my head from the lot
Sweep in on, your broomstick, sweep away all the lovelies
Livin long now, livin strong now, just forget your broken lullaby

Hi ho go, that’s a big no no, never forget your memory loss
Don’t remember, but heed my september, keep in purgatory of gloss
Blow your nose on, crumpled paper, filled with ink and stories two fold
keep your hands up, frisk your gun away, and blank your blank out of your hold

It is now my, duty to, show, show what you got
Its now my, life long goal, to keep my head from the lot
Sweep in on, your broomstick, sweep away all the lovelies
Livin long now, livin strong now, just forget your broken lullaby

It is now my, duty to, show, show what you got
Its now my, life long goal, to keep my head from the lot
Sweep in on, your broomstick, sweep away all the lovelies
Livin long now, livin strong now, just forget your broken lullaby

anyways, today was pretty good, had good periods for the most part. government is slowely getting worse and worse (the amount that i hate it) today mrs hall told sasha and chris to stop touching eachother. that was probably the highlight of that class. then in english i couldnt stop laughing because david haines head moves a whole fuckton when he sleeps. there are no words that rhyme with jupiter... sucky. if you can find one, tell me.
i think im feeling a little better, the sick is going away.... i have a ton of work to do, man. but monday, its tattoo time, ooooo nervous. well, i think this is a relatively decent post. oh, i have a question, who is king of the jungle, hannah fennick, or me. i think i am, but she disagrees eventhough ive beat her like 70 billion times.

5/6/06 11:34 pm

today was good. i woke up at about 1, read a bunch, then took a nap. woke up at like 4, and went to ren fair to see nicks band play. they were quite good, however, they wernet ready so they asked me to play a few songs, which was a horrible endevor since i had no idea what to play or anything. but it went ok. government final is at the top of my list of hate right now, actually its really the only thing on there. went to ashleys party tonight, it was good seeing everybody again, but for some reason i felt like i didnt belong. like everybody thought i shouldnt have been there..... which made me sorta sad, but whatever, i hope its just me. next week im getting my tattoo, right after my birthday, which i wont be doing anything for. i hope you all had a fabulous day, il see most of you in school on monday. goodnight.

5/3/06 07:44 pm - i take too many things for granted

Ive been listening to tegan and sarah lately and i really like some of the songs, most of them actually, they are pretty damn neat, and some of the lyrics are really good.
oh my holy lord above me (whom i do not beleive in) the end of the year is turning so crazy. man, everybodys running around and everybodys busy(rightously so, with a take home project and a bitchy stupid take home gov. test) im really just about ready to call it good and move on. im slowely losing connections with more and more people, which makes me sad but i guess its not gonna suck as bad not seeing them either ever again or for a long long while. art, poetry, and songwriting have turned into my major hobbies. by the way, its possible that josh ritter is coming this summer to play in east city park. its also possible, with the connections i have, that i might get to play in that concert. man. wouldnt that be neat? its not like its definately gonna happen but even with the slightest chance... oh man. cool cool. nick brunsfeld, you have nothing to worry about, i did not get hannah sick. id be more worried about finding a beached walrus if i were you. and yes nick, they can be beached. i will give no ground on this.
ive always been really protective of my sister, but i realized something a while back. shes growing up, and i cant be the stupid big brother that wont let her date anybody. of course il care, but she has to make her own decisions. however hard it is for me to see her date a jerk. i still have to get a design completed for my tattoo, haha, im nervous about that, but i think itl be all good. omar is my new favorite person of the week, hes a neat kid. actually its a tie between omar, krys, nick, and hannah. but thats ok, they can split it. im really sick, and i use paper towels because ive never really had a problem with them hurting, but i blow my nose so often right now that it really hurts. i now see the beauty in that charmin shit or whatever the fluffy quilted super shit is. well, il be seeing you all later.
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